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Past-ure Prime Retirement is a private premier retirement facility located in Belmont, Ohio. Spread across 130 acres of lush pastures, the farm offers a peaceful and serene environment for equine companions to enjoy their golden years. Equipped with experienced staff and customized care plans, Past-ure Prime Retirement ensures that every horse in its care is comfortable and well-cared for, making it the perfect choice for horse owners looking to provide their retired horses with the best possible care.

About Past-ure Prime Retirement

Carrie and Ben, the owners of Past-ure Prime Retirement, are dedicated horse enthusiasts who purchased the 130-acre property in Belmont, Ohio, in 2017. Carrie brings a wealth of experience , having ridden in the hunter/jumper discipline for 36 years competitively. Together, they have created a horse retirement facility that offers a unique and tranquil living experience for equine companions.

Carrie and Ben understand that each horse is an individual with different needs. They believe in carrying over the luxuries each horse had in their younger years to provide a comfortable transition into retirement. They provide a strong routine, like-minded friends, lots of calories and a safe shelter for the horses to live their golden years in. They are committed to providing the highest level of care and attention to each horse, creating a customized care plan that meets the individual needs of each horse in their care.


Browse through some of the latest photos of the farm and our beloved residents! We also update our Instagram account regularly – so be sure to follow us there for more photos.

Hands down the best retirement boarding facility in the Ohio, Western Pa, West Virginia area! Our horses have enjoyed a wonderful life at their farm! The care and attention to each horse’s specific needs is top notch. The owners (Carrie and Ben) truly care for the horses in every way possible! If Google would let me, I would give them 10 stars!!!

Karen Reinsel

Full Care Retirement Board

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Stall with
Daily Turnout


*for horses with special conditions such as cushings, ringbone, navicular, sidewinders, wobblers etc.

What's Included?

Our board packages are full care, which means that we offer a variety of included amenities and services. Below, you’ll find a majority of the services included in your package. 

  • Access to Run-in Shelter
  • Free-Choice Grass and/or Hay
  • Grain as appropriate (1x or 2x Daily)
  • Owner supplied medications and supplements as required
  • Grooming 4x Per Month
  • Hooves Trimmed/Checked Every 6 Weeks
  • Fly Spray and fly masks (owner provided) in the summer
  • Bathing in warmer months
  • Run-in’s cleaned weekly and as needed with pine pellets and pine shavings bedding
  • Blanketing as needed, when blankets are supplied
  • Mandatory Annual Vaccinations*
  • Biennial Rabies Vaccination
  • Yearly Veterianarian Physical
  • Minor medical treatments, hoof soaks, topicals, wound care
  • Shots twice daily for antibiotic treatment as needed
  • Annual Dental Check/Float
  • Sheath Cleaning As Needed
  • Salt/Mineral Block
  • No holding fee for regular vet or farrier
  • Cushings and IR Horses welcome (subject to availability)
  • De-worming 3x yearly
  • Turnout in Compatible Groups

*Any additional veterinary services, including emergencies, are billed to the individual owner.

Farm Rules + Restrictions

Our farm is private, and only accessible to our horse owners. 

Because of the nature of our retirement facility, we do have some rules and restrictions. We do not allow riding, smoking, or alcohol consumption on site. We also ask that all dogs visiting be leashed to allow us to comply with county leash laws. We encourage our boarders to visit their horses as much as they like, but ask that they only enter the pasture where their horse is kept.

Additional Rules

– No dogs allowed in pastures or fields, regardless of whether they are leashed
– Appropriate shoes must be worn in the pastures and around horses at all times – no sandals or open toed shoes.
– No feeding treats inside fields
– Please provide 24 hour notice of your visit, when possible

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

This place is the best place to have your horse if you have to retire them. I have Ace and Goose there. They are loving their retirement life. I couldn’t ask for better people to take care my horses. I love everything about the place. They send you photos and give them baths during the warmer weather. It's just the most amazing place.

Meredith Davis

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